Piher clamps are simply the best clamps made. For over 60 years, Piher has led the clamping market with clamps that are designed for the user. Today, many users settle for the standard forged clamps based on popular brands or simply price. If you stop and think about the frustrations you have experienced with forged clamps made with acme thread screws, you will be pleasantly surprised at how Piher makes those frustrations go away. Look past the brand and look at the design, consider what a clamp ought to do, and Piher will be your choice for a clamp. Delivering power fast and with so many nice features that make getting the set up
done quick, you will wonder how you lived without Piher. And the price is right there. Stop paying a premium price for brand. Look at the clamp. And Piher offers a lifetime guarantee. That’s why Piher is my “Go To” Clamp. Its not even close.

The Benefits:
Pihers Piston design uses two fine threaded screws that act like a gear. Located on the bottom jaw, the piston gives you more torque on every revolution. And the screws work together to advance the clamp faster. Works just like a Puller. If you need of a lot of clamping pressure, with Piher you won’t need to reach or a cheater bar like you do when using forged clamps. With Pihers piston, you get 70% of the clamps capacity with two turns. And you can get that out of your muscles. With forged Clamps using acme threads, you need 5 turns just to get 50% of the clamps max rated clamping pressure. Then you grab a cheater bar if you want more. I have used cheater bars myself and ended up breaking the clamp.

What I think is THE COOLEST FEATURE of Pihers Piston system is the “Non-Spin” advance. As you apply pressure and turn the handle, the bottom jaw advances without spinning. Just like a vise. Your material doesn’t move or walk as you tighten the clamp. So long third hand, I don’t need you anymore. This feature in itself seals the deal for me. And it clamps pipe easily. The opposite jaw has a groove and clamp pipe is so easy.

The Piston design on the Maxi R, F, XXL and Reversible models keeps the screw threads fully encased in a housing. This protects the threads from dirt, grime, welding spatter and glue. Have you ever had an Acme threaded screw so messed up or coated that you had to file it clean just to get it to work? What happens when you file it? You ruin it, right. Never tightens the same again. You may as well throw the clamp away. Because Piher threads are protected, they work like new every time. Piher also has a greasing hole if you want add lubrication.

If that isn’t enough reason to never use a forged clamp again, check out Pihers non-slip brake. Piher clamps feature a bar instead of a single forged piece. This bar works together with their brake made of hardened steel teeth. The brake is located on the bottom Jaw, and as you apply pressure to the clamp, the brake bites slightly into the bar and will not slip. Have you ever had a forged clamp slip on you? I have, and I’ll bet you have because forged clamps secure only with friction. Forged clamps will slip if temperature change cools the metal. The metal condenses and the brake gives way. They also give way if you create vibration during set up. It’s frustrating. I’ve been there. This just doesn’t happen with Piher.

Another Awesome feature. The Positioning Aid.

The maxi models feature a positioning aid. It is a spring located on the lower jaw on the opposite side of the of the bar. The spring lets you set the position of the bottom jaw and it won’t move. You won’t find that on a forged clamp. NO MORE free fall; NO MORE blood blisters.

Wait! yet another great feature, the HANDLE

Pihers Maxi model Handle is made of fiberglass reinforced nylon. The handle pivots from side to side and is nice and thick. Fits your hand so comfortably. The handle can even be locked in a vertical position for tight spots.

Pihers classic model has a few less features than the Maxi, but it still has the Piston and the break making is far better than any forged clamp as well.

Piher is hands down the easiest “No Brainer” “GO TO TOOL” I have ever recommended. I replaced all my clamps. Give them a try.